Why Go Beyond Compliance


Enhance Understanding

Help investors discern key information to increase voter participation. Use simple language, clean layouts, summaries, clear voting instructions, and charts/graphs/infographics.


Manage Your Message

Improving shareholder communication not only reflects positively on your company, it also reduces institutional investors’ reliance on proxy advisors. Put the control of your message back where it belongs—with you.


Reduce Costs

Don’t let information overload dictate page count. Improved organization and formatting oftentimes decreases the number of pages and overall weight of your document, leading to a reduction in print and mail costs. A better-written proxy can also reduce the cost of solicitation.

News & Articles


DG3 LAUNCHES DISCLOSURE 2.0: DG3 Compliance Solutions Announces Launch of Disclosure 2.0, a Microsoft Word® based Tool for Creating, Editing and Filing Stylized Shareholder Communications. Read More >>

WESTERN UNION RECOGNIZED FOR PROXY EXCELLENCE: Kudos have been received on this year's cutting edge proxy statement, most notably from industry expert Broc Romanek, a recognized leader in Corporate Governance and Compliance Advisory. Read More >>

CONVERSATION WITH BOB LAMM ON GOVERNANCE TODAY: To get a perspective on corporate governance challenges at public companies, we turn to a true expert, Bob Lamm. Until March 2013, Bob was Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Secretary at Pfizer Inc., where he was responsible for a broad range of securities and corporate governance matters. Read More >>

STOP THE INSANITY. MAKING PUBLIC DISCLOSURE MORE EFFECTIVE: A few years ago, when I served as in-house counsel to a major corporation, I asked a representative of one of our largest shareholders how much time she devoted to reviewing our proxy statement—a document that had occupied a significant portion of my time and on which I had lavished considerable care and attention. Read More >>


Compliance Solutions


Total Source ComplianceTotal Source Compliance

Save money, consolidate vendors, and enhance your overall solution with Total Source Compliance. With TSC, you’ll always receive transparent, consistent pricing—and a central point of contact—whether you prefer an annual contract or the single invoice option.

Full Service Document ManagementFull Service Document Management

At DG3, we have the internal expertise to handle all of your EDGAR and XBRL filings, as well as your shareholder documents, to ensure that each is fully compliant and all filings are completed on time.

Print, Web and MobileDocument Print, Web and Mobile

DG3 produces millions of time-sensitive, quality-critical documents daily for some of the largest corporations around the globe, and delivers them to the intended recipients—via traditional print, web and mobile.

Tools and TechnologyTools and Technology

We think you’ll be impressed with our state-of-the-art, seamless ‘Word to Design’ workflow platform, which converts text to layout in a matter of mouse clicks. Save time, incorporate graphics, and leverage your brand assets with DG3.


Enhance Investor Understanding


Compliance Tools

DG3 is a single source provider that can manage your XBRL and EDGARization process—from composition all the way through submission to the SEC. And we can place all of your filings online, quickly and easily. Our solutions save you time, reduce costs, and streamline your process. Look to DG3 as your preferred source of knowledge and trusted partner for SEC Compliance. Our resources include:

Disclosure 2.0

icons_sm1Make the creation, collaboration, and publishing processes easier to manage and more efficient with DG3’s Disclosure 2.0 platform. Process your narrative, financial and graphic information more efficiently. Reduce risk by gaining complete control of your document via a single, secure platform. Reduce staffing, auditing, and legal fees. Read more >>

Graphics Generator

icons_sm2Manage your own graphic creation, design and edits with DG3’s secure, web-based data visualization tool. Create clear and elegant graphics in minutes to enhance your investor presentations, board books and SEC disclosure. Read more >>


icons_sm3Investors and analysts want quicker access to financial information in a format they can easily use. That’s why corporations around the globe turn to DG3 for all of their XBRL requirements—to maintain accuracy, meet deadlines, ensure greater transparency and allow investors to accurately assess opportunities and risks. Read more >>

Notice & Access

icons_sm4With Notice & Access, corporate issuers and mutual funds are required to make proxy materials available on a public website. DG3 can help you develop the right strategy to reach shareholders more effectively while reducing printing and postage costs. We offer a full range of solutions to better manage your entire proxy process. Read more >>







About DG3 Compliance Solutions

Comply. Communicate. Connect.


As a global leader in document management and shareholder communications for more than thirty years, DG3 understands the complexity of SEC compliance. Our roots in financial services printing are the ideal foundation for Advisory, Design and Filing Services. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, professionalism, and execution for some of the world’s largest public companies and mutual funds. This unique combination of experience and expertise positions us on the cutting edge of financial communications today.

Choose DG3 to help you:

Comply with the ever-evolving SEC requirements to handle all of your EDGAR and XBRL filings and to ensure your annual shareholder meeting notice and proxy statements are in accordance with all SEC rules and regulations.

Communicate clearly with shareholders to help them locate and understand key issues in your proxy statements, such as CD&A and directors’ qualifications. Prominently feature proposals to be voted on and instructions for proper voting procedures.

Connect with your investors by demonstrating the board’s commitment to good governance and shareholder accountability—using letters from the CEO and board member photos/bios, as well as disclosure of social, environmental and political initiatives.




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